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The next EFN discussion group will be on the 6thof September at 3-5 in the Nelson Hall in the McDonald Road Library.   We”ll be looking at two topics:

A think about women in Politics, following from Harriet Harmen’s now infamous comments! Is an affirmative action/quota type arrangement necessary to encourage women into political careers? Why don’t more women want to get involed in politics? How could this be changed? Would Britain/the world look different if more women were politicians? etc

– admin discussion. How can be organise organising EFN better? How should we facilitate our meetings. (Sounds dull but SO IMPORTANT, please do come along!)

As always this is a women only discussion (trans inclusive) but children (of either sex) are welcome.   The McDonald Road library has good disabled access and parking but if you have any other needs then just get in touch.


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